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Professional Photographer Brings Business to Cobourg

Jessica Hornung

By Jessica Hornung

Written By Devin Gray

COBOURG – Her camera clicks and snaps away as she tours the familiar landmarks along the waterfront of her hometown.

Both the young and the old appreciate the blend of tradition and modernity that makes Cobourg so picturesque, and photographer Jessica Hornung is helping to support the city that helped raise her, and perhaps inspired her photographic eye.

The downtown sector reflects the small-town charm the city promotes. Local businesses and trades dot the sparkling natural landscape of ‘Ontario’s Feel Good Town,’ and Hornung hopes it stays that way.

“I’d like to support Northumberland’s independent businesses because of the personalized customer service they offer,” said Hornung. “You don’t get that kind of care and attention at big box stores.”

For the lady behind the lens, it’s important that local people, including her, bring the type of service and personality that has been imbued to them by the community they grew up in.

Their service and product then reflect the spaces that shaped them, and in return they spread that spirit back to the community – a cycle that builds local pride and economy.

“It’s not just that,” Hornung continues. “They’re small businesses that work hard like I do and they have to continue to work hard to keep their business going. I can appreciate that effort.”

Hornung is involved in the community as a member of the Northumberland Arts Council where she participated in the Arts in Public Spaces gallery where she committed to donate 15 per cent of each photo sold to Northumberland Hills Hospital.

She also worked at the Big Apple for three years, volunteered with Northumberland News and STAR 93.3, was titleholder of Miss Canada Petite 2007 for Durham region, and a spokesperson for Epilepsy Canada. Her family are regulars at the Port Hope Animal Shelter and Northumberland Humane society where they have adopted two dogs and two cats.

The entrepreneurial spirit that Hornung shares with local businesses is supported by the same sense of civic pride she feels every time she is out and about, especially around the holiday season.

“Around the holidays, I always liked how the local businesses get in the spirit and help spread that feeling,” Hornung said, shortly after photographing the Northumberland Santa Claus Parade.

A quick look around the town confirms the camerawoman’s seasonal affection for the town. Lights twinkle up and down the streets, garland hangs from windows and railings, and the sounds of familiar tunes echo from shop to shop.

It’s a traditional feeling compounded by sights, sounds (and especially smells) that bring back memories of the authentic local tradition.

This holiday season, she hopes to work with local businesses and people in her community to share the photographic skills she has developed working as photographer for Bell Professional Management program, as a volunteer photographer at Smuckers, and rural equine photography throughout the Northumberland area and trackside at Woodbine.

“I specialize in portraits, product photography, real estate photography, and equine photography,” said Hornung.

“If people are looking for a nice family portrait for their Christmas cards, I look forward to giving back to those people in the community that have given me so much.”

Hornung says she’s prepared to offer quality work for reasonable prices as she attempts to build her career and portfolio, and wants to establish herself as a local helping locals and keeping business close to the heart of tradition-rich Cobourg.

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