Traditions come, traditions go

Looking out my window today, I'm pondering leftovers. Thanksgiving is now a faded memory, and all the good leftovers have disappeared. The only thing left are a few meat scraps on a soon to be discarded leg bone. The dressing is gone, the mashed potatoes are gone, and the gravy has been wiped up with the last remaining homemade bun. If I look deep


Have you hugged anybody lately?

A few years ago I was asked to take a few visiting Mexican businessmen out to dinner. The person who arranged the tour briefed me: "After the evening is over, you hug and you are amigos from them on." I thought that request was a bit odd but I agreed.So we went to dinner and had a wonderful evening of conversation and laughter. Just before parting


Music rises up from east of the Danube

"Like a fridge on a cart going downhill." That's how music director John Kraus got us to understand that the musical passage we were playing was supposed pick up speed gradually. His simple analogy made a lot of sense.

Men really do have a lot to learn from women

My mother-in-law is in her 80s. She is a widow who cheerfully runs on a full daily schedule, teaching yoga to seniors, followed by a swim, visits from friends, shopping and back home for supper and a good book. She has a genuine interest in all things. She loves to sit and talk about people's lives, asking questions and doling out opinions. Her lif

Gratitude is a way of life

We have just come through the season of Thanksgiving. A time of year when we 'give thanks' and respond with gratitude for the things we have received. Gratitude is deeply enmeshed in the Christian life. It reverberates throughout our every action, as we breath in and breath out gratitude shapes us. Gratitude for what God has done for us in Jesus Ch