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Letters to the editor, Nov. 1, 2017

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Strike isn't the lesson students paid for

College teachers, union leaders, college presidents and the Ontario government should be absolutely disgusted with themselves! This absolutely ridiculous teachers' strike does nothing but hold college students hostage. Students that in some cases are working two to three jobs to put themselves through school only to be ripped off by each one of you incredibly immature excuses for adults.

You would think that all these "adults" would want to show these students how grown-ups should act but instead they hold their breath, stomp their feet and demand that they get what they want at any cost.

In my humble opinion all the student councils should get together and launch a class action lawsuit against every college in Ontario for failure to provide the services that they have been contracted and paid to do.

Tens of thousands of students have hired these colleges to provide them with a service, to provide them with specific education and or training and the students have paid for those services in advance and in goodwill, but the colleges have failed to deliver that education and training contracted for.

As for our joke of a government, since when does the Wynne government NOT want to stick their nose in and control everything? All of a sudden they want democracy to play out and don't want to tip the scales on either side.

I call BS, there is no reason they cannot force both sides to get back to the table in effect standing up for the tens of thousands of now voting-age students.

Having said that I would encourage all voting age students to remember how the current government has no interest in helping or representing you when it comes time to replace them in 2018. Then the cowardly politicians of the Wynne government can really see democracy playing out.

That leaves the leaders of the unions, and in my opinion the dirtiest of the bunch. Seeing the need to justify their astronomical salaries they whip up the party faithful and encourage them to go out on strike and remain on strike as long as possible all the while never missing a paycheque while everyone else loses out. I wish that each one of you have much trouble sleeping at night for what you are doing to these students that are innocently caught in the middle of your little temper tantrum, but we know you won't, because in actual fact you don't care about the students, you care only about yourselves.

Dave Hubbs, Port Hope