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Northumberland MPP Kim Rudd says Fraser tax report 'flawed logic'

By Valerie MacDonald, Northumberland Today

Kim Rudd

Kim Rudd

NORTHUMBERLAND -- A right-wing think tank has released a report finding 80 per cent of middle-income families in Canada are facing higher federal income taxes - but local riding MP Kim Rudd disputes that.

The Fraser Institute, based in Vancouver, states in a media release that "contrary to rhetoric from Ottawa, the vast majority of middle-class Canadian families are paying higher income taxes due to changes made by the federal government"¦ On average, middle-class families will pay $840 more."

The study overview also states that although the federal government reduced the second-lowest personal income tax rate, it also "scrapped income-splitting for couples with young children and eliminated a series of tax credits, which more than offset the tax savings from the rate reduction and ultimately increased the tax burden for most middle-class families.

"The eliminated credits include: the children's fitness tax credit, the education tax credit, the textbook tax credit and the public transit tax credit."

Northumberland/Peterborough South MP Rudd, meantime, says the study contains "flawed logic."

As is "typical" with these kinds of studies from the Fraser Institute, it wants to "focus on targeted tax credits rather than an overall lowering of the income tax rate for middle-income earners," she said.

"Our commitment to Canada's middle class is beyond compare."

Over recent summer and fall months, Rudd has been using social media to drive home that message.