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Northumberland OPP issue reminder on school bus safety

OPP logo.

OPP logo.

With 800,000 children in Ontario using a school bus, Northumberland OPP have issued a reminder of some safety issues and rules of the road.

School buses come in all sizes, but all are chrome yellow displaying the words ‘school bus,’ the release noted.

You must stop whenever approaching a stopped school bus with its alternating red lights flashing and stop arm extended.

When approaching from the front, leave a safe distance between you and the bus. When coming from behind, stop at least 20 metres away. Do not proceed before the red lights stop flashing and the stop arm is retracted.

You must obey these laws regardless of how many lanes or speed limit on that road. The only exception is if there is a median (physical barrier) in the center of the road and you are approaching the school bus from the front.

Drivers who fail to stop are subject to being charged resulting in fines ranging from $400 to $2,000 and six demerit points.

OPP remind that these laws are in place to protect our children who are at times easily distracted and parents should take time to educate their children to be aware of their surroundings when they are on or near school buses.