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Monk's Cove resident concerned about erosion

By PETE FISHER, Northumberland Today


A nearby resident of Monk’s Cove Park said he’s concerned about the high levels of the lake eroding the shoreline.

“The primary concern is for the safety of children and adults,” said Martin Granger. “There is quite a drop and the sand is eroding. Every day there is more and more sand (dirt) going into the gap.

“I’m just fearful for kids and anybody who walks this small park.”

Granger said the waves are crashing against the boulders set up as a breakwall far more this year than ever before because of the high waters of Lake Ontario.

“You can look at it for one minute and see boulders and sand rushing down in a rainstorm,” Granger said.

The GRCA and the Town of Cobourg has tried to fix the problem by installing a temporary fence, but Granger pointed out due to the continuing erosion the fence is about to fall into the growing pit area.

Cobourg communications officer Ashley Purdy said since receiving the concerns the Parks Department has gone out and examined the area.

“Since the rain (Thursday) it is a lot worse than it was,” Purdy said. “We are concerned about the undermining of the soil behind the rocks and the sink holes.

“We are securing fencing from the Rent All and will be fencing it off in a more permanent manner (Friday) afternoon.”