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Volunteers recognized by Northumberland County

Daisy Gould receives her award for volunteering for 30 years during Northumberland County council Wednesday.
LIAM SMYTH/For Northumberland Today

Daisy Gould receives her award for volunteering for 30 years during Northumberland County council Wednesday. LIAM SMYTH/For Northumberland Today

Northumberland County council hosted its first Volunteer Recognition Event on Wednesday, ahead of National Volunteer Week from April 23 to 29.

Council have honoured 60 community members who donate their time and expertise in support of Country services.

Whether it is distributing food donations from the Food 4 All warehouse to local programs, providing entertainment for residents of the Golden Plough Lodge, or offering coaching to small business entrepreneurs, Northumberland residents make invaluable contributions that leave a lasting impression on the community.

“Today it is our honour to pay tribute to our many volunteers who through generous donation of their time, energy, and their skills make a profound difference in the lives of others,” said County Warden Mark Walas. “Volunteerism is an expression of the communal health and strength of a community. We are, therefore, so pleased to be able to shine a spotlight on the tremendous efforts of so many people: to say thank you, and to share our sincere appreciation for all that they do. Through their tireless support of County programs and services, these volunteers are helping to create possibilities for a thriving Northumberland.”

Wednesday morning celebrated the service milestones of community members who volunteer in support of a County-managed program or service. The event recognizes volunteers celebrating two, five, 10, 20 and 30 years of service with the county.

Below is a complete list of volunteers recognized by Council

2 Year Service Milestone

Louise Blackshaw, Golden Plough Lodge

Charlotte Clay-Ireland, Transportation Master Plan Committee

Anthony Davidson, Transportation Master Plan Committee

Brian Donaldson, Transportation Master Plan Committee

Diane Dunk, Golden Plough Lodge

Tj Flynn, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Jeff Hamilton, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Susanne Jex, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Larry Knutson, Golden Plough Lodge

Eric Lawlor, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Maggie Mcdougall, Golden Plough Lodge

Shelley McGill, Golden Plough Lodge

Norma Murray, Golden Plough lodge

Jane Ann Provost, Food 4 All Warehouse

Richard Rieger, Food 4 All Warehouse

Pamela Russell, Transportation Master Plan Committee

Jim Sled, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Rosemary Smith, Food 4 All Warehouse

Jim Smith, Food 4 All Warehouse

Robert Smith, Food 4 All Warehouse

Jason Walker, Food 4 All Warehouse

Brent Wilcox, Golden Plough Lodge

James Williamson, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

5 Year Service Milestone

John Barkhouse, Food 4 All Warehouse

Bob Barkhouse, Food 4 All Warehouse

George Bowen, Golden Plough Lodge

Kenneth Burgin, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Ross Butchart, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

David Craig, Brighton Landfill Liaison Committee

Alma Draper, Food 4 All Warehouse

George Fleming, Golden Plough Lodge

Ruth Gouin, Golden Plough Lodge

Mary Jane Hall, Golden Plough Lodge

Jane Lakatos, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Tim Lawley, Food 4 All Warehouse

Katherine Lawrence, Food 4 All Warehouse

Brenda Manley, Golden Plough Lodge

Peter McCann, Brighton Landfill Liaison Committee

Warren McCarthy, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Bill Patchett, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Paul Portelli, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Beverly Rose, Golden Plough Lodge

Will Ryan, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Marc Sedgwick, Food 4 All Warehouse

John Stalker, Business Advisory Centre Northumberland

Barbara Tait, Northumberland County Archives

Diane Turner, Golden Plough Lodge

10 Year Service Milestone

Lois Belfour, Golden Plough Lodge

Marian Boys, Northumberland County Archives

Betty Caruthers, Brighton Landfill Liaison Committee

Peter Kurita, Golden Plough Lodge

Muriel Maughan, Northumberland County Archives

Judy Rough, Golden Plough Lodge

20 Year Service Milestone

Cheryl Barlow, Northumberland County Archives

Marie Davis, Golden Plough Lodge

Jean Orvis, Golden Plough Lodge

Mary Smida, Golden Plough Lodge

Pauline Vandermeer, Golden Plough Lodge

Theresa Vautour, Golden Plough Lodge

30 Year Service Milestone

Daisy Gould, Golden Plough Lodge

2017 Special Recognition

Bill Patchett

Ross Butchart