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Little Lake gravel pit rehab to be completed

By Mandy Martin, For Northumberland Today

Sandra Arthur

Sandra Arthur


Council balked at approving a $38,000 contract to complete the rehabilitation of the Cramahe Township-owned Little Lake aggregate pit.

Instead, the project will go back out for three price quotes.

“Single sourcing is a problem,” Deputy Mayor Sandra Arthur said at council Tuesday night. “I believe if we went back to the Ministry (of Natural Resources and Forestry), and said due to council’s recommendations to go forward but with two to three cost quotes, they would receive it.”

Township staff recommended Brice Cotter be contracted to grade the east slope of the pit with the funds to come from municipal reserve funds.

“It’s out of the scope of what staff are allowed to do,” Councillor Ed van Egmond noted of the project. Expenditures over $25,000 must be tendered or receive multiple quotes the municipality’s regulations state.

Council voted to put the work out for additional quotes — and aim to have the work completed by the end of this year.

“I’ve been involved with this since April of this year,” Coun. Van Egmond said. “My only concern is that it wasn’t acted on before this. Everything could have been done before this but it wasn’t acted on. I made two site visits in May and talked with Phil (Kelly). He took it back to the former CAO to get it done and it wasn’t done.”

The work to be done covers approximately 22,000 square feet. A steep eastern slope of the pit must be reduced with grading and pit floor fill.

“It’s become a haven for four-wheelers,” Coun. Van Egmond noted.

With the work delay, “hopefully we’re not rolling the dice in terms of the licence for the aggregate pit,” Cramahe CAO Craig Brooks said. “We will require the pit for winter use. Verbally, the (provincial) inspector give a specific date (for completion of the work) but indicated they would like it cleared up by the end of the year.”

Thus far, the township has removed some fire department items, moved old culverts, consolidated asphalt, erected new signage at the gate and removed trees and lumber. The grading of the east bank is the last outstanding item required by the ministry to reach standard.

One year ago, the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) conducted a site inspection of the pit and made a list of corrective actions to be done. All but the east slope have been completed. Originally there was a September 2016 deadline for the work to be done but the MNRF has extended the deadline till the end of the year 2016.