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A good sidewalk is like a good soup

Cecilia Nasmith

By Cecilia Nasmith, Northumberland Today


How is a good sidewalk like a good soup?

Give up?

It shouldn't have too much salt.

Reporting on behalf of the accessibility advisory committee at this week's Cobourg council meeting, Councillor Miriam Mutton said the members would like to issue a warning to home owners: don't over-salt your sidewalks.

"Too much salt is a barrier to accessibility for those who are walking and trying to push something with wheels," she said.

"Use enough salt to keep the surface safe, but not overdoing it."

Even on the iciest days, Cobourg does not use salt on the expanse of paving bricks in front of Victoria Hall, Mutton said. The town uses an environmentally friendly compound to do the de-icing job, after learning that salt actually seeped into the heritage building and was damaging the stone.

Reporting on behalf of the parking committee, Mutton said that discussions are taking place around the possibility of purchasing land to provide additional parking.

Accessibility and parking are two of the advisory committees on which vacancies exist, she added, and anyone interested is welcome to contact the town.

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