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Halfway through Council term, let’s talk about results

Stan Frost is the Deputy Mayor of the Town of Cobourg.

Stan Frost is the Deputy Mayor of the Town of Cobourg.


I hope you are enjoying this wonderful late autumn weather as much as I am. It’s such an enjoyable experience to walk the harbour, stroll along the boardwalk and west beach during days like these.

We are about half way through this term of Council now, and I would like to speak about where we are today on a few of the activities listed in the 2011-2014 strategic plan.

Ensuring open, clear and timely communications

Our objective is to foster public confidence and trust in Town Council and Town administration. We want you to be well informed about Town activities and to know that communication protocols are in place. We have made considerable progress ensuring that effective public notification occurs with major projects and are working towards streamlining consistent and effective messaging to the public. We will also be addressing how the use of social media can help the Town in improving two way communications. I am very pleased that we have recently engaged Ashley Purdy, a communications professional to take us to the next level.

Continuously improving municipal policies and procedures

To address this goal we’ve put into place a team of Council members and staff to review bylaws that are more than five years old and bring forth recommended changes. This group has initiated a number of new bylaws that address current needs such as second hand goods, skateboards on sidewalks, etc. I am confident that, by the end of this term, we will see by-laws that are not only current but relevant.

Also addressing the goal of continuous improvement is the implementation of a three year budget, the development of a process for assessing and planning for the maintenance of our building assets, and the acquisition of new systems for financial management and administration activities such as records management and action tracking. This together, along with other initiatives, will go a long way towards ensuring effective management of your town.

A comprehensive plan now exists for the maintenance of the Police Services Building, followed by Victoria Hall and potentially the Cobourg Public Library.

Preserving and enhancement of the Town’s heritage assets

In an earlier edition of “Council Corner” I addressed the initiative aimed at ensuring the future health and prosperity of Cobourg’s Downtown. I cannot emphasize enough that there are two highly interrelated aspects to achieving this goal; the need to preserve and improve the downtown heritage buildings and the desire for a healthy, prosperous and attractive business base. The first objective will always be a struggle without the means to fuel it financially from successful business operations which means that both aspects need to be addressed equally.

Our launch of “Downtown Vitalization” took place Oct. 25 at the Park Theatre and I was very pleased to see over 250 people in attendance. The presentations were very informative with great speakers that gave us a view of Cobourg in the past, present and future. Most rewarding was the enthusiasm of those who attended, which resulted in a number of volunteers signed on to “the team” who gave great suggestions for the downtown. I am looking forward to some very positive results for Downtown Cobourg.

On another note, the Mayor’s Skating Party is happening Thursday, Dec. 27 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the “Bowl” at the Cobourg Community Centre. Hot chocolate and coffee will be sold for $1 with proceeds going to the Fare Share Food Bank of Cobourg and Port Hope. Bring your family and enjoy some free skating!

In closing, I want to wish you and yours an enjoyable and safe holiday season.

Stan Frost is the Deputy Mayor of the Town of Cobourg.



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