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Concerned Occasional Teacher

Kayla Palmateer

By Kayla Palmateer

“When the most salient part of a political leader’s education platform is to cut teaching jobs, we should all be worried.” – Toronto Star
As a young educator, permanent job prospects in Ontario are few and far between. I am fortunate enough to have an occasional teaching position (supply teacher), which I am very thankful for. However, with the looming 100,000 public sector job cuts proposed in the PC platform, I can’t help but be worried about what this means for my future and for the future of Ontario education in general.
Currently, Ontario has one of the best education systems in the world. Tim Hudak has proposed to increase class sizes, fire teachers and slash nearly 10,000 support staff positions, as part of his 100,000 job cuts--undermining all of the progress that has been made over the past 10 years. Educational support staff are the backbone of our school system. Without them, students with high/special needs would not get the attention and assistance they need to be successful. Furthermore, by placing 2-3 more students in each classroom, every single student would receive less attention and support. Dedicated parents know how hard juggling time with your children can be. Take a moment and imagine if you had 30 children with different needs, goals, and desires and you want all of them to feel successful, cared for, and safe. Larger class sizes and less support staff in schools would mean less individual support, attention and guidance for each child.
As an educator, I urge you to help our students: your children and grandchildren by doing your own research and making yourself aware of the strides that have been taken within Ontario’s education system over the past decade.

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