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People Still Don't Get IT !!!

Dave  Hubbs

By Dave Hubbs

I could barely believe my eyes today as I watched a woman in an SUV trying to navigate a left hand turn at a four way stop. To my amazement she had a "dog" in her lap which she held in place with her left hand, she was talking on a cell phone held to her ear by her right hand and was steering her vehicle with her right elbow. Geez maybe should add a cup of coffee and a donut to your neat multi taking trick and go for a guinness world record. For goodness sake people, put the dog in the seat where it kinda belongs and try some new age technology that we call bluetooth so you can safely use your phone hands free and if you can't figure that out than HANG UP !! . The laws are there for a reason and believe it or not you aren't above them!!

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