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Removing comunications is short sighted.

Skinny Bryan

By Skinny Bryan

An open letter to Liz Stewart and the PSB:
The people of Port Hope told council that in no uncertain terms that we wanted to keep the Port Hope's police service. Not parts of it. If this was truly about trimming the budget then you would have to look at removing the OPP from ward two. They are too expensive for the service they provide and it's only going to get worse. With the cut backs from the federal government. The pay rise of a predicted 8%. Plus the on going complaints about lack of service. Again, only going to get worse as the officers we pay for are going to be taken out of our municipality to serve others. I think it's time to make that move. Simply don't renew the contract. There are no severance costs involved, no one is losing their job. Even for the OPP officers no longer be working in ward two. They will be needed else where by the end of March this year because northern communities will be strapped for police services due to the federal cuts. Your asking ward one to make a sacrifice for the greater good. Why is that same request not being asked of ward two? You, the PSB; know this to be true yet have not acted upon it or accepted reality. Why? Rather than eliminate the communications department, PHPS could expand its communication services and ultimately bring more money into this community instead of sending it out. Chief McAlpine said himself that more small towns are adopting this model of out sourcing. So, according to our Chief; there will be a lot of contracts up for grabs. If we built a state of the art communications center, the new station could pay for itself and its communications could be self sufficient. I would like to know exactly what due-diligence did the Police Services Board do? Liz Stewart asked the people to trust you. Yet at every turn you've not given us a reason too. The decision to eliminate the communications department was a done deal even before you listened to the people of this town or had a proper look at the alternatives. I urge you to look into expanding the service rather than cut it out completely in the interest of a quick fix. Quick fixes always lead to disastrous consequences! Everyone can benefit and there are savings and profit to be had.
Bryan Thompson
Port Hope

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