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Fixing Cobourg Traffic

Shark Rider

By Shark Rider

This is an open letter to both the Cobourg Council, and the People of Cobourg, asking that the Council review the use of Traffic Signals, between the Hours of 10pm and 8 am.

In the Province of Ontario; many intersections, that Actually Meet the Provincial Standards for traffic control, (not just those catering to high-rent condos) during the daylight hours ; revert to flashing yellow/flashing red lights after certain hours, when the traffic volume no longer requires the traffic signals in full operation.

Left-turn signals, at the corner of Albert St, and Division, or at Third St and King St.at 3am, is just an insult to motorists.
Why have vehicles idling at a Red Light, at 3 am???

I am sure, that if there was a PROPER "time-sensitive" traffic study done (Forget KPMG: Get a student out there, with a clipboard to count cars, earning their volunteer hours) ; that there is Not One Traffic Light, in the entire town of Cobourg, that would meet the Provincial Standard for traffic control, after 11pm.

If "child safety" is the proposed excuse, then let me ask... What is a child, who cannot cross the street, without supervision; doing out Alone at these hours of the night??? (not to mention, that the "Pedestrian Traffic Buttons" would still engage the lights)

Poor "Traffic Management", is one of the leading contributors to "poor driver choices". IE. I've been stopped at 5 Red lights, so I'll run this yellow... I'm late for work, so after sitting at this light, I will have to speed thru a school zone... It's an encouragement to "unlawful behavior"

Whether the light is a "solid red" (sit and wait) or a "flashing red", (move after stopping, if the way is clear), it is the same charge under the HTA, if a driver doesn't stop at all, so the point is moot.

Reprogramming the existing traffic lights, would save a lot of time and aggravation for motorists, and increase the safety for all road users.

Let's face it... Commerce and Traffic, Have to move thru our town; and for many drivers on the road, time is Money; so let's make it as easy and lawful as possible...

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