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Where is the wisdom and democracy in Cobourg?

Democracy traces back to the Greek words demos, meaning "people," and kratia, meaning "power." People power is central to democracy and yet, today, more than two-thousand years after the birth of democracy in Ancient Greece, the power of the people is eroding, as never before. And nowhere is the loss more evident than here in Cobourg.

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 25, 2017

Unenlightened Senator's remarks repugnantAs a part-time university Indigenous Studies instructor, I teach students about the concept of colonialism. Terms such as eurocentrism, epistemological diffusion, and universalism are all terms that arecolonial constructs brought to the Americas by early Europeans. The question that many would have is this;

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12, 2017

Taxpayers have the right to speak to councillorsI am writing to support Bill Thompson's request for the public to have an opportunity to speak to the council - perhaps after their regular meetings. Apparently this idea was turned down immediately by Mayor Brocanier.I wonder what bothers him about this - is he perhaps afraid of what topics might be

Tourist videos promote Cobourg

Re: “Tourism is competitive” by Robert Washburn, July 12. “If tourism is going to be an economic keystone, then all parties need to know it is working, especially taxpayers.”