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Grahame Woods

Thinking out loud...

Have you ever had a thought, an idea, that seems doable – but you hesitate to articulate it because, well, it seems somewhat outlandish and, anyway, so obvious that someone else must have thought of it already – and rejected it. I’ve had a mothballed idea for a long time and it returned to my consciousness when I read Diana Storen’s column in this

Robert Washburn

Bare treasury cupboard will impact NHH

Doing her best impression of Old Mother Hubbard, Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott told her provincial counterparts last week the cupboard was bare when it comes to health care transfers, leaving Northumberland Hills Hospital and other rural providers facing an even bleaker future.

(File photo)

Africa slipping in fight against HIV/AIDS

Four years ago optimism was high that AIDS was in retreat, and could ultimately be eradicated. Back then the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) was boldly predicting "the end of AIDS by 2030." Nobody is feeling that optimistic now.

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