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Lightfoot on stage: If you could read my mind ...

No, really? It's over 50 years? Well, well. 50 years or more since first hearing Ian and Sylvia, referring to an up-and-coming Canadian folksinger, perform Gordon Lightfoot's Early Morning Rain at the hungry i club in San Francisco. It was the beginning of, well, a beautiful relationship, a lifetime enjoying Lightfoot's celebration of our country.

Our neighbours in the land of ... the free?

It's interesting, living beside neighbours who, outwardly, present as being very successful and progressive - but have certain unexplained peculiarities that, being polite, one turns a blind eye to, smiles and says 'Good morning. Beautiful day, isn't it?', when in fact there are rain clouds hovering on the horizon. Much like our neighbours to the s

What draws us to such rough, violent sports?

I don't know if there's any truth to the saying that things come in threes - but it did seem like that last week, opening my morning paper to see, on the Sport Section back page obituary, that former boxer, 95 year old Jake Lamotta, had died. He was a lucky one. In the same section of the paper was another story about a new device that hockey, foot

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Cobourg's cats create a cat-astrophe

It's interesting how instincts, going back through time, haven't really changed in the animal world - being simply a variation on a theme. In nature's world, a lion will kill a Wildebeest, a Peregrine falcon a squirrel, a pack of wolves a deer, a dog will - well, mostly, curl up in front of a fire waiting for its lunch to be served in a dish. And t

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Thank you, parks department

Ah, the lazy, hazy dog-days of summer in Cobourg – imagining myself as a first-time visitor driving into to our town, my eyes taking in, depending on the route, the usual landmarks; Northumberland Hills Hospital, Victoria Hall, the churches, the beautiful tree-lined streets, especially King Street heading east.

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An English norm?

What happened was ... the boy told his father, who talked to another father. The two of them talked to the vicar – and the curate left for another parish. It was never talked about again. By anyone.

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Now, what was I saying...?

It was another trip down Memory Lane, a journey that’s becoming more frequent with age.

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Canada 150? Getoutahere!

For someone who has reached an age where memory is occasionally suspect, I can see the scene as though it was yesterday when, in fact, it was 62 years ago this coming Thursday; disembarking from the Empress of France (very appropriate) at Quebec City, stepping onto Canada’s shore on the first day of the rest of my life.

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This is Cobourg?

It’s a memory etched on my consciousness ... standing at the very end of a Canadian Pacific train looking out at the disappearing Quebec winter landscape, the train causing powdered, backlit snow to blow and gently drift onto tall, disappearing blue spruces and swaying pines, a perfect Canadian landscape framed by the train’s window.

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Remembering Dana Tenny

“So...this is main street as we head east...bookended by two churches...the drug store on the north side, further down, Buttermilk Cafe. Across the road, the majestic town hall that some folk, once, shamefully, wanted to tear down...and there’s Hall’s jewellery store on the south side across from Woody’s...”

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A new beginning

I don’t know how it is for other people but, over the years, my life seems to have unfolded in distinct stages, most remarkably leading to extremely rewarding opportunities and experiences and a life-in-full (to steal a Tom Wolfe’ line).

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Flight of memory

I am of an age where I can recall ‘the good old days’ - four-channel television, when Toronto was a liveable city and ... hmm ... well, you know what I mean.

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Nurses should be saluted

In many ways, it’s a rite of passage. Acknowledgement that one is officially – old.

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The Big M – cast in stone

In my memory, it was as though it was this past Saturday – Hockey Night in Canada – and I was at Maple Leaf Gardens, able to get tickets (don’t ask) for my son and myself, about 10 rows back of a goal, watching Frank Mahovlich, The Big M, in full, graceful flow on the left wing, speeding toward us, cutting in on goal – he shoots, he scores!!

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A lesson in Civics - 101

Alright, class, listen up. The assignment today – write a paper exploring civic responsibility in a small-town environment.

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The face of Canada

There are photographers – and then there are news-photographers.

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Preserve Victoria Park

The following is a partial transcript of a conversation recorded earlier this week between two Canada Geese moseying around Cobourg’s western harbour.