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Cider-braised pork roast with candied apples

With the cooler weather on our doorstep, there is nothing better than a braised pork butt and apples to create a welcome comfort food. Pork butt is a bit of a misnomer as we usually think of the butt as part of the rear. But a pork butt roast is part of the pork's shoulder. It is also called a Boston butt. In pre-revolutionary America, salt pork wa


Warm up with pea and leek soup

Yellow split pea soup made with a smoked hock or ham bone has been a favourite comfort food of mine for a long time. The last time I made a batch I had some leeks on hand, so they went into the pot as well. It turned out great; but unfortunately I did not measure my ingredients; I was just adlibbing it. This week I made it again and measured things


Baked apples for breakfast? Why not?

I am sure you have heard the expression it sucks to get old. Well, it is true. You lose your vision and your hearing and a few more things I can't remember. Your arthritis gets more painful each day; but there are some perks. The biggest perk is you are allowed to be a little eccentric (don't overdo it or they will throw you into a nursing home). S


Baking with honeycrisp apples picked in Northumberland

I recently took a drive east on the old Highway 2 towards Brighton; a road I call "produce alley." Naturally, I stopped at my favourite apple guy, Deleuw's Orchard, and picked a half bushel of Honeycrisp apples; now I am in Honeycrisp heaven.

Cabbage rolls are tasty with Black Angus beef

This recipe is inspired by the availability of local fresh cabbage and my great fresh ground Black Angus beef. If you were to double the recipe you could use 1 lb beef and 1 lb ground pork. Of course for the brave of heart or the recipe tamperers you can change the meat and the spices; but you have to have the cabbage!

Good ol' turkey,mashed potatoes and gravy

Almost every menu for Thanksgiving seems to start with Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. Now since you are not going to read this until a few days before Thanksgiving, I have to assume you know what you are doing with the turkey. Now, you would think anybody could make mashed potatoes and gravy. Right? Wrong. I have tasted some pretty awful

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Corn fritters: Breakfast, brunch or appetizers

Corn has been with us for a long time; the Natives roasted it and we boiled it. Yet, I don't why we call boiling corn a corn roast. The quality of sweet corn has improved dramatically in my life time. The new varieties especially the new all yellow are much sweeter and have a longer shelf life after picking. It should be noted that most sweet corn

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This cake recipe is just peachy

As I mentioned last week, I have lots of peaches on my two trees, so, I am a little peach crazy right now.

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A simple peach recipe with an addition of honey

This time of year is enough to drive a recipe writer crazy; there are so many fresh local items coming into season it is difficult to keep up writing recipes to embrace them all.

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A uniquely Canadian burger to make at home

Around July 1 I read several articles about Canadian cuisine written by amateurs who were trying to isolate Canadian cuisine and find some iconic dishes.