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ATV riders want access to more Northumberland County roads

By Valerie MacDonald, Northumberland Today



NORTHUMBERLAND -- Northumberland County councillors will be asked during their monthly council session on Wednesday to extend the county roadways where it permits All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV).

The new bylaw amends its current By-law #2016-54, passed after Trent Hills requested, and a county bylaw was passed the year before, to allow for "linkages on the county road network" throughout the municipality, states a county staff report.

There have been two one-year extensions since then.

"County staff has noticed that there are numerous other road crossings and routes that ATV operators are using not included in this, or any other by-laws," the report continues.

There have been no complaints to date and Trent Hills has asked for "additional road sections" to be added to the county bylaw.

According to Schedule A of the proposed county By-law, a section of County Road 21 from County Road 25 to one-kilometre west of Pogue Road, ATVs are "permanently" permitted to travel.

Those up for renewal and/or expansion until next Nov. 30, 2018 include sections of county roads 24 (from Broadworth to Linton Road), 45 (from Broadworth to Morrow Road), 30 (the Trent River Bridge), 50 (the Healey Falls Bridge), 8 (the Campbellford Bridge, 38 (from County Road 8 to the 7th Line East), 30 (from Meyers Island Road to Percy Boom Road), and 29 (from Norham Road to Skinkle Road and from Main Street to County Road 25).

The proposed bylaw requires operators to be licenced under the Highway Traffic Act, to wear a helmet, not carry a passenger and travel in the same direction as traffic.

"No person shall operate an ATV on or across a highway or part thereof between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.," it also states.

Hamilton Township recently turned down a request from the Northumberland ATV Riders Club to permit ATVs on the township's roadways. There is limited township permission given to ride ATVs on designated township roads in Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe.