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Port Hope ball diamond to be renamed for Gord and Hazel Isaac


Joanne and Rick Austin were at Port Hope council Tuesday, November 7 to request that a ball diamond be renamed in honour of Gord and Hazel Isaac. The request was approved. TED AMSDEN/FOR NORTHUMBERLAND TODAY

Joanne and Rick Austin were at Port Hope council Tuesday, November 7 to request that a ball diamond be renamed in honour of Gord and Hazel Isaac. The request was approved. TED AMSDEN/FOR NORTHUMBERLAND TODAY

Former Port Hope Mayor Rick Austin and his wife, Joanne, appeared before Port Hope council Tuesday night up to promote the proposed naming of the Town Park Junior Ball Diamond in honour of Gord and Hazel Isaac. While in office Austin was never loquacious, but he and his wife's need to see long-serving Port Hope residents honoured brought them into the glare of the lights in the council chambers.

"The couple worked over 50 years," he said. "After every game they would be cleaning up. They were there cleaning up after the parades. They helped the Agricultural Society cleanup. They helped all the ball players. They opened up their garage to keep the equipment there. They gave water to all the teams. This couple is well deserving to have their name put up."

The resolution was passed by council.

Mayor for a day

Mayor Bob Sanderson announced that there are several applicants for the town's Mayor For A Day, which allows a grade 7 or grade 8 student to shadow a bit of the Mayor's job, opening council for example. The deadline for applicants is November 10 with November 21 the day the student will participate.

Works and engineering

Khurram Tunio, the new director of works and engineering, has been on the job three weeks.

Informed that a deadline to submit a grant application under the Municipal GHG Challenge Fund grant was extended by a couple of weeks just last week, he told council he had already marshalled together proposals for 10 projects that would upgrade municipal infrastructure at a total cost of $10,945,000.

Projects like upgrading Water Treatment Plant pumps, a solar panel roof installation, storm sewer upgrades, upgrading municipality street lights to LED, are some examples.

Tunio said the successful and rapid gathering of proposals to make the pitch for what is essentially a wish list of municipal upgrading projects was the result of a team effort.

Councillor Terry Hickey was "very impressed" that the projects were assembled and put into a proposal so quickly. "I was aware all of the projects were in the works but it was great they could put them altogether into the grant submission."

Tunio thinks the likelihood of success of the proposal is 50/50 as there is no dollar commitment from council behind the proposal. He needed council to make a resolution to support the grant so he could ship it out before the deadline.


Trish Baird, executive director with Community Care Northumberland and Sherry Gibson, Hospice Care Centre project lead appeared before Port Hope Council Tuesday evening, their first stop on a county-wide tour to talk to leaders about the state of the project.

Conceptual drawings were shown. Funding and number of beds discussed. As well attention was drawn to the "bigger picture" the centre intends to address.

The proposed design to be located on Ontario Street in Hamilton Township is a single story building. It will have six suites with an additional four in the future.

The setting will be "bright, airy" yet "quiet," a "spiritual space for all traditions and faiths," according to the presentation.

As well as focusing on the person, the intention is to offer a range of services that will support families, promoting wellness, offering counselling and education.

The presentation pointed out that the average cost per day for hospice care is $460 while the cost for a hospital palliative care bed is $600 to $770 per day and the cost for an acute care bed is $1,100.00.

The Ontario Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) will fund each bed to the amount of $105,000 a year but the women said the need for each is somewhere between $150,000 to $160,000 per year. The difference they said has to be made up through fund raising. The cost of the building is separate with the Ministry of Health offering $1,200,000.

Final figures have not been established for the cost of construction. There is a kickoff launch of the project at the Baltimore Arena at 11 a.m. November 29.

There is only one other hospice care facility in Northumberland and this is a three bed unit, The Bridge Hospice, located in Warkworth.