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Colborne to sell land along old rail spur

By Mandy Martin, For Northumberland Today

COLBORNE -- Three parcels of municipally owned property are being sold by Cramahe Twp. The land, deeded to the municipality in 1966, is an abandoned railway spur which runs diagonally south from off Queen Street in Colborne to Elgin Street South on the east.

The sale price to the abutting property owners will be based on $1,000/acre. 

Cramahe Twp. is investigating whether Part 1 of the land (992 square meters or 1/5 an acre), fronting on Queen St., is large enough to create a separate building lot. If so, it will be sold after appraisal as such.

Parcel 2 is 314-square-meters (.08 acres) which backs onto a Victoria Street property. Parcel 3 is 2556 square meters, or .6 acres. Both Parcel 2 and 3 are landlocked with no street access. The two parcels will be offered to abutting landowners based on a price of $1,000 per acre.

A fourth parcel is 1,391 square meters (, at the Elgin Street South southwestern end of the surplus lands has already been sold as part of a site plan agreement.

Separate bylaws will be prepared for conveyance and are necessary to provide direction to the municipal solicitor to prepare the deeds. Deeds will be prepared that will have the effect of a lot line adjustment, adding the land to the abutting property. All costs for surveying and legal will be borne proportionally by the benefitting property owners.