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Trucker goes off 401 near Brighton twice, flips transport

By PETE FISHER, Northumberland Today

BRIGHTON - A driver is facing several charges after the transport he was driving went into the ditch twice Thursday morning.

Emergency services were initially called to Highway 401 westbound about four kilometres west of Brighton at about 5 a.m. for a transport that had rolled on its side around.

The driver wasn’t hurt and managed to get out of the cab by pushing out the front window. He explained to Northumberland Today that he was heading to Montreal with a full cargo when the road became too slippery and the transport went into the ditch in the eastbound lanes close to the Brighton exit.

The driver made it through the muddy median with the big rig still upright and managed to turn around so the transport was able to enter the westbound lanes.
While he was heading west looking for the next exit to turn around and head east to Montreal the transport went in the ditch a second time and rolled on its side, about three kilometres away from where he went into the first ditch.

No other vehicles were involved in either mishap.

An OPP transport investigator and MTO investigators examined the scene and police say the driver will be facing several charges.

Another motorist was fined $490 for distracted driving after police spotted a driver taking photos of the crash scene while passing by.