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Letters to the editor, Nov. 2, 2017

Facts needed before allowing wolf hunting

In last week's report, environmental commissioner Dianne Saxe lambasted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for allowing hunting and trapping of the threatened Algonquin wolf in some parts of its range.

Ontario's controversial canid has become the subject of heated debate over the past several years, most recently when the MNRF closed the wolf and coyote harvest seasons in only three new areas last year. While those who oppose harvest restrictions cite concerns about economic losses and threats to livestock, it is important to temper these fears with an understanding of the facts.

Wolf and coyote pelt prices are low, as are levels of livestock depredation in areas inhabited by the Algonquin wolf. However, there are some facts that are still unknown: hunting numbers do not differentiate between Algonquin wolves and other difficult-to-distinguish canids, and hunting reporting is not a requirement at all in southern Ontario.

The MNRF should require hunters and trappers to submit numbers and genetic samples of harvested canids, so that it can be determined if Algonquin wolves are being killed in the areas that still have open seasons.

If we are to ensure the persistence of this ecologically important predator, we need to be fully informed when making management decisions, and this involves the cooperation of all stakeholders.

Samantha Morin


Paper offers a nearly balanced mix of opinion

I read with great interest Jennie Carter's complaint in today's edition about Postmedia being too Conservative. In Carter's world, I'm sure only an NDP slant would be acceptable. I must say I find the paper balanced with a very slight slant to the right. Tough to be in the centre on anything! Carter's complaint should take her back to Harris, when Ontario was properly run and for all. Then we had her Rae NDP.

They started the financial destruction of Ontario carried on by even worse actors, the Liberal's McGuinty and Wynne. Policies from those three leaders, Rae, McGuinty and Wynne are much of the reason small communities, like ours, struggle.

I could go into detail but then there would be the complaint of a right slant plus there isn't enough paper and time for the list. Like Carter, I too have complaints about the Conservatives. Why can't they elect a leader that will resonate with the people? Hudak and Brown, both clever and competent in my opinion, do not have that spark for people.

I fear that my worst political nightmare and Carter's greatest aspiration may again come about with an NDP government in the next election. We made that heinous error once and may God have mercy on Ontario and save us from further left wing destruction.

John Stoeten