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Cobourg launches good-news forum

Cecilia Nasmith

By Cecilia Nasmith, Northumberland Today



COBOURG -- At the Cobourg council meeting on Local Government Day, communications officer Ashley Purdy staged the official launch of her department's This Is Cobourg campaign.

Purdy said the campaign has a dual purpose.

It will be part of internal communications to recognize good news and a way to educate the publ9ic about all the good work that is happening -- awards won, cost savings achieved, grants received, initiatives and projects launched.

"It's simply astounding to me all the good news that comes out when we get around the table for our management meetings.

"Every month I am going to be coming to council and showcasing a new department."

With the goal of engaging citizens by turning the subject matter into a captivating experience, she settled on the infographic as the perfect communication tool to do just that. Infographics are a popular form of content marketing that help to convey information, data or knowledge quickly and clearly, utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual systems ability to see patterns and trends.

The campaign will be promoted on the town buses, in the local newspapers and on the municipal website, with a council presentation each month.

This week's presentation was on the town's environmental-services department. Manager Bill Peeples explained to council some of their noteworthy achievements.

First and foremost, Peeples said, Cobourg's waste-water plant has become the first to use ozone as a disinfectant agent instead of chlorine or ultraviolet light.

He also had high praise for environmental technician Jennifer Leno and her work to raise awareness that so-called flushable products like baby wipes are not also biodegradable. They remain in the system and clog up equipment, as well as becoming a nucleus to which grease clings.

"We had a greaseberg the size of a pick-up," Peeples said.

Leno's awareness campaign is already having an effect, he added, reducing equipment problems immensely.

"We now have a vehicle through which all our departments' stories can be told," Councillor Debra McCarthy said.

"Good News Cobourg is a clear, clean message that says, 'This is what our town is all about,'" Councillor Suzanne Seguin added.

"I look forward to these every month."