Opinion Letters

Letters to the editor, Oct. 26, 2017

Port Hope doesn't need new development

Re: New neighbourhoods boost growth in Port Hope, Oct. 24

I read the article with interest last night but was dismayed by the fact you were painting a very rosy account of a sad situation.

Port Hope is and has become a bedroom community to Toronto which is very sad and because of that and the influx of People from the GTA area the whole atmosphere of Port Hope is changing and not for the better.

The town does not need more people. What the town and the immediate area needs is industry and jobs industry to keep the taxes down and jobs to hopefully keep the young people from leaving.

The area called Kingsfield (Victoria): Though the land is owned by AON one would think they would have the community at heart, but that is not the case. Because of greed the town is going to lose a tree line that hosts some very old and lovely trees. As well they will be losing the baseball park and a soccer field.

I feel that you should have made mention to the loss of the sports field, the open space and the stand of very old trees.

I felt you should have shown both sides.

Tim Tottenham, Port Hope

Online shopping is a worrisome revolution

What's not to like about online shopping? The deals are plentiful, and items arrive on your doorstep. But Sears Canada is in bankruptcy, and Toys R Us is seeking bankruptcy protection. Brick and mortar firms are getting killed by online retailers.

It takes a little more than three jobs to make $1 million in sales at a physical store. Compare this to just under one job required to make the same amount online. It's no wonder every municipality in North America is falling over themselves trying to attract the new Amazon headquarters -- they're trying to get a ticket on the ark.

I have three young sons, and am normally optimistic, but I'm a tad concerned about the future. Is this how they felt when the steam engine first drove automation? Are we on the doorstep of another industrial revolution?

Adam White, Welland