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Spooky fun coming to Centreton library

Mark Wanzel /The Barrie Examiner /QMI

Mark Wanzel /The Barrie Examiner /QMI

CENTRETON -- Centreton branch supervisor Trish Tinkl of the Alnwick-Haldimand Public Library has always loved going all-out for Halloween.

Her annual Haunted Library evenings allow her to share her enthusiasm with the public, while allowing her the fun of figuring out the dreadful details.

Tinkl has begun laying the groundwork for the Oct. 27 event with such decorations as a skeleton enjoying a good read in an armchair, garlands made from the wadded-up pages of discarded Stephen King books and the piece de resistance -- the blood-splattered candles, midnight-black ravens and freaky family photos on the mantle at the library's south wall.

The Haunted Library from 7 to 9 p.m. is a family event, Tinkl said in a recent interview, so she's planning something for every age. The Centreton Hall adjacent to the library will be set up for an old-fashioned Halloween party, with pumpkin bowling, temporary tattoos, and a smorgasbord of wonderful decorations with which you can make your own unique pumpkin craft.

For the stouter of heart, there are tours of the Haunted Library every 15 minutes. Tinkl's own recommendation is that this might be best suited for children at least eight years of age (though she has had younger ones take the tour and enjoy it).

Fans of horror movies will find many references. Carrie may be lurking around any corner. A living-doll area (inspired by Annabelle) will be set up. In a nod to Poltergeist, the television screen over the mantle has been draped with a white cloth so it will give an unearthly glow when viewed by the little figure known as Carol Ann.

"We don't try to be super-scary," she said, explaining that she strives more for a pleasant get-into-the-spirit ambience.

Assistant librarian Mary Catherine O'Neill will be the tour guide, which offers an element of security to the younger visitors.

"We are big supporters of our fearless co-ordinator," O'Neill agreed.

"And it's not just for kids."

"There are adults who come without children, and they quite enjoy it," Centreton Hall board member Heather Brereton has found.

Still, Tinkl hopes these annual frightfests are something her young patrons will always look back on with fondness as they grow up. And she said making it a night to remember is a group effort.

"I definitely rely on volunteers big-time," she said.

"I am really appreciative, because I couldn't do it without them."

The library is located at 2363 County Rd. 31 in Centreton, and everyone is welcome.