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Fire museum: Port Hope deputy mayor apologizes to councillor

Cecilia Nasmith

By Cecilia Nasmith, Northumberland Today

Greg Burns

Greg Burns

PORT HOPE -- The issue of the degree of support the Municipality of Port Hope has shown the Canadian Firefighters Museum has become a heated one in recent weeks.

But at this week's committee-of-the-whole meeting, Deputy Mayor Greg Burns offered an apology to Councillor Robert Polutnik.

The two had differed on the effects of last year's denial of a community-grant request may have had on the museum's attempts to apply for grants and funding elsewhere, including provincial and Federal sources.

Burns had contended that there is a strong tie between success in these grants and an organization's own municipality showing its fiscal support. Polutnik disagreed.

This week, Burns revisited the issue.

"At the Sept. 5 committee-of-the-whole, I challenged Councillor Robert Polutnik on an item he raised relating to grants and the fact that some of those grants require municipal support from a financial perspective," he said.

"I indicated I would do some research, and I now extend an apology to Councillor Polutnik because I was unable to find that information."