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Northumberland sports in brief

This past season Northumberland United U15 embraced the challenge of competing in the CSL with a smaller roster and players with many outside commitments.

The boys played well and finished the league with a 7 - 3 - 8 record. This was good enough for 12 place and just enough to qualify for another year in the CSL. In 2018, the CSL will be a 16 team league and the highest level of soccer in the province.

They will compete against top teams from Durham, Toronto, and York Region an incredible accomplishment for a team from the Northumberland area.

The team had a strong second half of the season winning with some strong performances against Pickering, Woodbridge, Stouffville and Toronto High Park. Led by the creative play making of Rowen Sinyard Smith, the boys offensive output increased dramatically. Koby Read had a team high 4 goals against Woodbridge and Evan Lindholme was dominant against Pickering.

The leadership of Carmelo di Lio, Ben Nairn and Graydon Nisbet was on display when the team battled to a 1-1 draw, despite being short a player for the entire match. Nick LeFave and Matthew Enns adjusted to new roles this season and were instrumental in bringing balance and consistency to key positions. Liam Harrington and Carter Shaw continued to bring a strong compete level and athleticism that is necessary for the success of this team. The versatility of Curtis Lindholme and strong soccer skills of Jordan Caravaggio were critical in the final stretch of the season.

Mason Dixon continued to contribute to the teams success, playing in his first year at the regional level. The team was aided by several call ups from the U14 team including Drake, Isaac, Mason and Parker.


  • 3-Game Winners: Stan Baker, Paul Hay
  • 2-Game Winners; Shirley Walsh, Mary Nisbett, Elaine Simpson
  • 1-Game Winners: Elizabeth Birks, Bryan Birks, Elmer Elliott, Larry Penton, Mary Penton, Mike Lacroix
  • 3-Game Winners; Stan Baker, Shirley Walsh
  • 2-Game Winner: Larry Penton, Elaine Simpson
  • 1-Game Winners: Millie Lacroix, Marian Spicer, Paul Hay, Sheila Mead, Joan Ashton, Elizabeth Birks, Bryan Birks, Dorothy Lent


Northumberland Tuesday Night Men's Bowling League

Standing Results as of Oct. 3

  • Port Hope Golf Club 27
  • Ganaraska Hotel 25
  • Clear Choice Pool & Spa 23
  • Cameco 21
  • Sunburst Landscapes 17
  • The Mill Restaurant 17
  • Roxburgh Glen Golf Club 10
  • Bewdley Pizza 0
  • 210+ Games:
  • John Greenlee 326-241-219 (786), Lee Thompson 272-274-225 (771),
  • Dave McHolm 226-212 (630), Marv Nelson 215-235,
  • John Tibando 237-237, Rob Dudgeon 216-231,
  • Rob Redhead 222-216, George Waller 281, Ed Gallinger 265,
  • Jason Johns 257, Bruce Black 252, Greg McDonald 236,
  • Don Cholmondeley 228, Glenn Mcglashon 227,
  • Bob Grandy 222, Spencer Cox 216, Bob Black 215,
  • John Brooking 213, Dan Durocher 213, Dave Bosnell 211.

Standing Results as of Oct. 10

  • Clear Choice Pool & Spa 30
  • Cameco 28
  • Port Hope Golf Club 27
  • Ganaraska Hotel 25
  • The Mill Restaurant 24
  • Sunburst Landscapes 22
  • Roxburgh Glen Golf Club 10
  • Bewdley Pizza 2
  • 210+ Games:
  • Don Cholmondeley 231-269-213 (713), John Greenlee 222-226-225 (673),
  • John Tibando 220-220 (648), Shawn Hamilton 220-245 (647),
  • Mike Birks 248-232 (635), John Krause 281, John Brooking 232,
  • Marv Nelson 229, Jason Johns 227, Dave Bosnell 226,
  • Greg McDonald 225, Rob Redhead 221, Lee Thompson 220,
  • Glenn McGlashon 220, Ken Stoker 218, Bob Grandy 217,
  • Dave Cox 214, Vernon Moore 214, Dan Durocher 211.