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Mock disaster at Brighton chemical plant

By PETE FISHER, Northumberland Today

Premier Tech, located at the Industrial Park in Brighton, held a training exercise in conjunction with Brighton Fire Department on Tuesday.

The facility in Brighton has been operating for 35 years with 20 of them been chemical manufacturing for lawn, garden and agricultural industry, said quality technician Jackie Somerville. "We are well known throughout our field for our high standards and a part of this is planning for the unexpected and reacting."

The business has a close relationship with the fire department and through that they have a mock emergency drill which benefits the employees and members of the fire department.

The scenario on Tuesday began with a 911 call stating there was a smell of gas detected in the building.

A lift truck driver was stacking three flammable drums in the warehouse when they fell off the pallet and one ruptured.

Things became complicated when fire crews arrived as they discovered numerous people missing.

Also helping out were members of Union Gas, Northumberland County Paramedics and Northumberland OPP.

Fire Chief Lloyd Hutchinson said its very important for a mock scenario at this type of business so everyone knows their roles, knows the inside of the building and become familiar working with other emergency services.

The mock exercise is held every other year at the business coming up with a different scenario each time.