Opinion Letters

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 26, 2017

Museum team has dedicated years of work

Re: "Museum pursues old Canadian Tire site" Ted Amsden, Sept. 21, 2017

I take great personal offence to the reported statement by Coun. Terry Hickey, who has been reported as saying, "the museum has had many moments to prove its mettle with a bold move and has never stepped up to the plate."

Where is he coming from? Has he no idea of the hard work and effort many of us, especially Will Lambert, have put in over the years to build a significant tourist attraction for Port Hope? 

"Stepped up"? Coun. Hickey might do well to "step up" himself and join Coun. Andrews, Burns and the Mayor himself in helping this brave group to achieve something that will not only adequately tell the story of the role firefighters have played in the development of this country, but build something that can attract thousands of visitors to this sleepy little town.

Ken Burgin, Port Hope

Columnist is just a Tory spin doctor

I found Jim Merriam's column Political bubble turns small things into big snits is yet another of his anti-Liberal, pro-Conservative spin-doctorings that cries out for responses.

He writes Patrick Brown merely "misspoke" about the trial in Sudbury. Donald Trump would call it just an "alternative fact."

Merriam adds, "If there are any voters outside the bubble who think Wynne is on trial, they haven't been paying attention."

Which is it ? Did Brown misspeak or hasn't he been paying attention ?

Then there is the mention of a snit.

In my mind this is far more than such. Brown knew that he was lying, he is more than paying attention and this snit is just another of the already biased electioneering which has begun.

Premier Wynne clearly can create enough controversy without such deliberate misrepresentations.

Walt Cherwaty, London

Wake up, folks: Climate change is here

Regarding Lorrie Goldstein's column What's agency doing probing 'climate deniers'? (Sept. 16)

Why is it we only learn from Goldstein of three scientific groups stating the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon? This should have been front page.

Also, the fact that a federal agency tried to prosecute these three scientific groups.

A public awakening to the disputed role of carbon is badly needed.

Climate change is inevitable, and we have wasted too much time and money on green energy and carbon reduction instead of planning and building to mitigate the effects: floods, fire, drought, volcanic action, food security and the inevitable resulting social upheaval these cause.

The mainstream media has not been doing its job.

John Manning, Forest