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Cobourg council alternate positions named

Cecilia Nasmith

By Cecilia Nasmith, Northumberland Today


The highly unusual circumstance Cobourg council has experienced this term of losing two councillors has inspired the move of designating council alternates to the various co-ordinator positions.

Councillor Theresa Rickerby resigned for personal reasons in 2016, and Councillor Larry Sherwin subsequently moved out of the area. Their council seats were filled by Aaron Burchat and Suzanne Seguin respectively and, at the time, co-ordinator positions underwent a shuffle.

A motion finalizing a new structure was passed at council last week, with each of the seven co-ordinator positions given an alternate in addition to the incumbent councillor.

• Economic development — Mayor Gil Brocanier is the incumbent co-ordinator, with Deputy Mayor John Henderson as the alternate co-ordinator.

• General government — Henderson is the incumbent, with Councillor Brian Darling as alternate.

• Parks and recreation — Darling is the incumbent, with Seguin as alternate.

• Public works — Councillor Forrest Rowden is the incumbent, with Councillor Debra McCarthy as alternate.

• Protection services — McCarthy is the incumbent, with Rowden as the alternate.

• Planning and development — Burchat is the incumbent, with Henderson as the alternate.

• Community services — Seguin is the incumbent,with Burchat as the alternate.

Henderson reminded councillors that, as mayor, Brocanier is also an ex-officio member of all committees.