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Northumberland County council could accept conceptual site plan for new Golden Plough Lodge

By Valerie MacDonald, Northumberland Today

Northumberland County held a special meeting earlier this month to move forward on construction tenders before Wednesday’s council session rescheduled due to last week’s Association of Municipalities of Ontario annual conference.

Among the issues for Wednesday's county council session is a motion that county councillors accept the conceptual site plan and information report on the replacement for the county’s Golden Plough Lodge. It has determined that in order to meet Ministry of Health and Long Term Care standards, the existing facility can’t be reconstructed and must be a new build. An RFP is to be developed and issued, and it is to include a new county archives, if county council approves this.

The estimated cost to build on this same site is almost $49-million without demolition costs.

For almost two centuries, the county has operated the Lodge at 983 Burnham Street, located close to the county’s headquarters and it has three wings – each built at different times.

The special county council meeting held Aug. 8 was to award the County Road 2 (along Elgin Street between Rogers and Strathy roads) rehabilitation tender. It went to the lowest bidder, Norway Asphalt Limited, at a cost of about $1.52-million.

“Due to the seasonal nature of construction work, and the timelines identified for this project, staff was seeking Council approval to move forward rather than wait until the end of August to begin,” county spokesperson Kate Campbell stated in an e-mail about the need for the earlier, special county council session.

“Because Council was already meeting on this issue, they also reviewed the paramedics’ ERV (emergency response vehicle) tender, ready at that time, so that this too could move forward,” she added.

Rowlands was awarded the tender to convert an emergency response vehicle at cost of $75,280 at the special meeting.

And earlier this summer, a county council session was held with Alderville First Nation, the most recent in a series.

“The last meeting between Alderville and the County took place out at the MRF, where plant manager Karl Allen provided a tour of the facility. The group continues to move forward with finalizing a contract for collection of Alderville waste and recycling as part of the county’s standard curbside collection program,” Campbell stated.