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More break-ins reported at local hair salons

By PETE FISHER, Northumberland Today


Three more hair salons and one other business in Cobourg were broken into sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

In all of the break-ins, people arriving or from adjacent businesses spotted the damage to the front windows.

Police were notified and arrived shortly after, taking photographs of each scene and dusted for fingerprints. In some of the break-ins, policed manage to lift some prints off items.

At The Buzz Barber Lounge located on Westwood Drive, store owner Jehane Miller said an employee from a neighbouring business spotted the broken glass from the front door and notified police about the break-in.

“It was a disaster in here,” Miller said. “They pulled everything out of the desk and it was strewn all over. Every door was open, every drawer.”

The thieves took all the change, which essentially was nickels, dimes and quarters. Miller other money home.

One pair of scissors and a cash box containing approximately $30 was stolen from one of the stylists.

The cost of replacing the glass far outweighed the cost of what the suspects took in terms of property and money.

It’s the first time Miller has ever broken into in the two years she’s been in business.

“I just frustrated they are just doing hair salons,” she said. “I just don’t understand. Nobody knows why. It’s very odd.

“Everybody knows about it, so everyone is taking their money home with them. I take everything and leave my till open so they won’t smash everything.”

At Goggin’s Family Hair Care located on Munroe Street, a person delivering newspapers spotted the break-in.

It’s the second time the business has been broken into in just over a month. The first time a person returning a rented car to a business spotted that a break-in had occurred. That was on July 12.

This time, even with a security sign posted in the window, the brazen thieves smashed the side glass at the front of the business.

In 23 years of business, owner Margaret Goggin said she had never had a break-in until last month.

In the first break-in, the front door glass was smashed and approximately $250 was taken from the cash register that was smashed.

Goggin bought a new cash register and purposely left it open so they could see there was little to no money in the tray. That didn’t deter the thieves from smashing the $500 cash register beyond repair.

“I don’t know why the smashed it,” she said. “There was no money in it.”

Six pairs of scissors (four of the owners and two from an employee) valued at approximately $1,800 were also taken while the store was ransacked.

“We can’t work today,”Goggin said Monday. “There are no scissors and everyone is so upset.”

With damage, lost work and items stolen, Goggin said she estimates the second break-in cost her approximately $3,500.

Goggin said she isn’t sure why thieves are targeting mainly hair salons, but believes it has something to do with drugs.

“It makes me feel this town has got really bad,” she said. “I feel very bad for the other hair salons. Something has to be done.”

Another hair salon on William Street by Sinclair Street is believed to be the site of the third break-in.

The Cobourg Lions Community Centre was also broken into. Manager Cindy Barrett said when she drove into the parking lot on Elgin Street Monday morning, she noticed a curtain at the front of the building was blowing out the front window.

Only one area of her office was touched. The filing cabinet was pried open just in front of the broken window.

“Why did they specifically come here (to the filing cabinet)?” Barrett questioned. “No other drawers were opened. Nothing else was moved.”

A large sum of money was removed from the filing cabinet that was intended for an event in September.

“I’m furious. I’m really upset,” she said. “We’re a non-profit organization and it’s money that goes back into the community and it’s gone. You work hard to raise money and somebody just takes it. It’s disheartening to think somebody would do this.”

Phone calls to Cobourg Police about the break-ins were not returned.

Meanwhile, two other salons in the Alderville area were broken into this past weekend.

It’s unknown what, if anything, was taken or damaged, but video of a vehicle of interest was captured on a security card.