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Luxury cars roll into Port Hope during Sunday drive

By PETE FISHER, Northumberland Today

It was the richest parking lot in Northumberland County on Sunday.

Around 1 p.m. that day, approximately 50 luxury cars including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, Porsche, Jaguars and more pulled into Olympus Burger as the drivers stopped for lunch.

The event was called, Saturn’s Drives and Northumberland Today spoke with the man identified as Saturn as the vehicles were entering the parking lot.

The group of high end luxury vehicles do about 15 rides starting from Toronto with most of them lasting just over two hours.

Sunday’s drive took them from Markham to the Cobourg pier and, on the way back, to Olympus Burger.

It’s the second time the group has stopped at Olympus Burger and word certainly spread quickly around the area with gawkers coming to look and take pictures of the vehicles. A few lucky people even got to sit in their dream cars.

“Today is one of those cruises about coming out and enjoying the fantastic day,” Saturn said.

About 100 vehicles started the day trip with roughly half of them making it to Port Hope.

What are the vehicles worth?

One of the vehicles that stopped in Cobourg was worth $750,000 and numerous vehicles that stopped in Port Hope topped out at $350,000.

“We love coming out,” Saturn said. “The kids come out and enjoy it. We keep the speeds on the highway and just out there to enjoy the nice day.”

Saturn usually leads the group in his Lamborghini and on cruise days they usually don’t take the main roads.

“Going on the highway is really boring and causes more trouble,” Saturn said. “So we stay in the back roads and have a nice morning cruise.”

For those wondering about the background of people owning the vehicles, Saturn said they come from all walks of life including doctors, lawyers, plumbers, to multi-billion dollar CEOs of companies.

With cars filling the parking lot, and space at a premium in the restaurant, Northumberland Today spotted one person sitting in the back corner having lunch on a parking curb.

This reporter wasn’t sure if the person was a fan of the luxury cars, or one of the owners, but a quick question of “which one is yours?” brought out the response.

It was the 2015 Jaguar F-Type R valued at approximately $150,000 with the additions.

The person who looked like he was barely old enough to drive was extremely polite when asked about the car and coming to the area with the group.

Jonny Comparelli is 26-years-old and has been involved in Saturn’s Drives for two years.

“They’re great events, he said. “They bring out people from all over the community. Everyone bonds on the common love of cars.”

Like all car owners at the event on Sunday, Comparelli said he doesn’t mind at all people coming out and looking at his car.

Living in Toronto, he’s familiar with both places the cruise took them over the weekend.

“Port Hope and Cobourg are always beautiful,” Comparelli said. “Just beautiful.”

For those who wonder how a 26-year-old would come to own a $150,000 luxury car, it is a story of dreams, hard work, and success.

Comparelli is the founder and CEO of Qriket, an app that was started in 2009.

“Back then it wasn’t this live game show. It was a little bit of a scavenger hunt for bar codes,” he said. “It was kind of a way to drive people to consume advertising into retail destinations they may not otherwise visit.”

It has since evolved into this live game show people can play along and it’s free to play.

“What you do in exchange to play is your advertising and that gets you into the game show and there are cash prizes and we take 40% of every $1 we make from the advertising and direct it to the prizes,” Comparelli said. “The rest goes to overhead and our (25) employees.”

Comparelli started Qriket when he was enrolled in his first year at the University of Toronto with co-founder Mark Muralla. At that time, Comparelli never thought of owning a luxury car, but he admits, he did have goals.

“It seems cliche but it’s all about doing the work, staying focused and the fun stuff comes out of that,” he said. “You have to love what you do. I think if you love and have a passion for what you do, everyday is blessed and that begets more blessings.”