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Port Hope council supports museum in different ways

Cecilia Nasmith

By Cecilia Nasmith, Northumberland Today


Port Hope resident Dorothy Crawford is kicking herself for not going into the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum long ago.

Addressing Port Hope council at its August meeting, Crawford said she’d finally dropped in recently and was overwhelmed to see pictures of her father and her uncle, who were members of the Oshawa fire department.

“I was astounded to see all the beautiful history, the archives — it’s wonderful down there,” she declared.

Her question to council pertained to what they were doing to support this museum, which will be forced to leave its premises within the next few years.

“I would hate, as a taxpayer, to think we could lose it,” she said.

Crawford pointed out that it is called the Canadian Fire Fighters Museum — it’s not just for Port Hope. Even so, she said, they have a vast stock of brochures for other nearby attractions, so it’s a benefit to Port Hope regardless.

She took council to task for failing to give the museum a community grant in its latest budget deliberations.

“I was also disappointed to see they weren’t even mentioned in this lovely brochure,” Crawford added, holding up a colourful pamphlet on Port Hope attractions.

“I am just asking that you support them and that you do what you can to find a new location.”

“This municipality does support the museum in numerous ways besides grants,” Councillor Robert Polutnik maintained — for example, the municipality provides storage space for their needs.

Not every tourism brochure has every attraction, Polutnik continued. And the grant fell through because the museum did not submit a business plan as required in the application process.

“But it is something we do support, and there will be another grant opportunity next year,” he said.

As for the negotiations with Canadian Tire to purchase the Robertson Street building, the recent collapse of that process has nothing to do with the municipality. Councillor Les Andrews, who sits on the board in an advisory capacity, did indicate however that alternative sites within the community are being investigated.

“I have contributed a lot of money to the Fire Fighters Museum, and I wish them a lot of luck,” Polutnik said.

“They just haven’t had the best of luck going forward.”