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Visitors get welcomed into a garden

By Valerie MacDonald, Northumberland Today


Monarchs were the big attraction at Kathryn McHolm’s In a Garden art and gardening event in Welcome this past weekend.

Flitting about near the entranceway of the main pathway into her gardens, one Monarch butterfly drew attention as it prepared to select just the right milkweed plant on which to lay its eggs.

There were other butterflies of different kinds enjoying the blooms and nectar in various parts of the longtime garden which was opened to the public both Saturday and Sunday.

Along the garden pathways, artisans had set up booths displaying everything from hand-painted pillows and cards to wooden crafted kitchen items.

McHolm took the time to explain to people about the Monarchs, her garden is an official Waystation for them, as well as the plants that make her garden so unique.