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Horizons Founders Award winners announced


An Ottawa social-justice worker and a women's organization from Nicaragua will be honoured June 19 with the Horizons of Friendship Founders Award.

The presentation will take place at the annual general meeting of the agency, whose award honours individuals and organizations whose work exemplifies the dedication and spirit shown by its founders, Father Tim Coughlan and the late David and Christine Stewart.

This year's Canadian recipient is Susan Murdock, an Ottawa resident who has spent her life helping others in a variety of ways.

A long-time Horizons supporter, the press release said, Murdock goes above and beyond to volunteer her time, energy and financial resources to address a range of interconnected social-justice issues, from the role of mining companies in violating human rights and the structures of violence and impoverishment in Honduras and Guatemala, to women’s and Indigenous communities’ struggles for justice and peace.

She has begun organizing a mining-justice action group in her spare time, now that she has retired from Mining Watch Canada.

This year's southern recipient is the Association of Indigenous Women of the Atlantic, or AMICA. AMICA is a Miskitu-led community-based organization that emerged out of the women’s movement of Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast at the end of the 1980s in response to the critical conditions that existed in the region following prolonged periods of insurgency and counter-insurgency.

AMICA was the first such organization to emerge in the region with a focus on organizing women. In recent years, it has deepened its work for the defence and promotion of women’s rights to include issues related to domestic violence, violence against women, and protection of the environment.

While AMICA is unable to send a representative, Murdock will be present June 19 at the Horizons annual general meeting (held in Campbell Hall at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 200 King St. W., Cobourg) to receive her award at 3:30 p.m.