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Suspicious briefcase explained

By PETE FISHER, Northumberland Today



Adam Brooking wasn't aware when he took this picture on April 15 at Monk's Cove in Cobourg that it would cause an incident involving fire and police.

After a reader notified Northumberland Today about the photo, this newspaper contacted Brooking.

"I didn't think it would of been a hassle. But I did a shoot on the weekend at Monk's Cove. Apparently it caught the fire departments eye (Tuesday)," Brooking told Northumberland Today. "I made sure it wasn't on fire before leaving it next to the trash can though."

As previously reported, Cobourg Fire Department and police were on scene blocking the area off when a pedestrian approached the fire department about a suspicious package. While the area was being cordoned off, numerous people came up to officials stating the briefcase had been there for at least a day and they had opened it. A short time later, wearing protective gear, firefighters opened up the briefcase.

"I was in the water with the suit (brief) case shooting. And after the shoot I drowned it in water at the trash can just so it wouldn't catch fire."

In today's society, Brooking said he totally understands the response by emergency officials, but he definitely had no ill will or intent to cause such an incident.