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Student Vote favoured Liberals

Cecilia Nasmith

By Cecilia Nasmith, Northumberland Today


The Student Vote initiatives that have gone on in 32 Northumberland - Peterborough South schools are part of a nation-wide Student Vote Canada initiative that saw 850,000 under-age 'voters' cast ballots in 6,000 elementary and secondary schools.

In Northumberland - Peterborough South, Liberal candidate Kim Rudd won the Student Vote balloting with 1,344 votes, or 41.96%. Conservative candidate Adam Moulton got 968 votes (30.22%), NDP candidate Russ Christianson got 483 votes (15.08%) and Green candidate Patricia Sinnott got 408 votes (12.74%).

In Ontario, 352,397 participating students elected 87 Liberal, 23 Conservative and 11 NDP candidates.

In the 337 federal ridings covered by Student Vote Canada, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau failed to win his own seat in the riding of Papineau, unlike Green leader Elizabeth May, Conservative leader Stephen Harper and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

However, the Liberals did take 37.5% of the popular vote to win 223 seats. The Conservatives would form the official opposition among the Student Vote crowd with 69 seats (26% of the vote). The NDP would take 40 seats and 19.8% of the popular vote, and May would take four seats and 12% of the popular vote.

The Bloc Quebecois, led by Gilles Duceppe, took one seat in Quebec.

“It is astounding that more than 850,000 young Canadians took part in this year’s Student Vote from nearly every riding in the country,” said Taylor Gunn, president and chief executive officer of CIVIX Canada, which organizes the Student Vote effort.

“We have nearly doubled the number of schools that took part in the last federal election. These numbers are a reflection of the incredible effort put forth by Canadian educators to ensure that, by using Student Vote in their classrooms, they are building their students into citizens.”