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Spence out of her league

Chief Theresa Spence, elected leader of the First Nation of Attawapiskat, has been visited by an assortment of politicos in recent days. Former prime ministers Joe Clark and Paul Martin played mukluk with her. Martin let his Liberalism leak when he described Chief Spence as an “inspiration to all Canadians.” Justin Trudeau, Liberal leader candidate, visited to display his platitudes, but, oh, he held the eagle feather with weighted respect like a political pro. Another Liberal MP, Carolyn Bennett, visits Chief Spence regularly and has devolved into quite a shill.

The ‘Canadian Progressive World’ website gushed that Chief Spence “… is the reincarnation of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. She is becoming the greatest moral and political leader of our time.” Major gush or what? This is typical nicespeak of the progressive ilk who gush for Cuban dictator Castro.

The Attawapiskat Trust has a stock portfolio that would make any Liberal, leftist and/or environmentalist proud to hang their eagle feather next to this corporate nest egg.

The Trust holds a hefty number of productive shares in eight Canadian gas and oil corporations, as well as two pipeline corporations; Pembina Pipeline and the much beloved, Enbridge.

Off-shore the Trust holds Occidental Petroleum, Exxon Mobile, Petroleo Brasileiro, a huge chunk of Vanceinfo Technologies, a Chinese off-shore software developer, Pfizer, Seimens, and then there’s that darling of Liberals and leftists everywhere, Haliburton Co.

It’s a solid portfolio. It would be a pity if it were squandered for no reason other than incompetence.

Chief Spence has now blocked media access to her First Nation, just like North Korea. Both nations have dire poverty and misery. North Korea blames others, invariably.

Chief Spence is a tragedy. Her boyfriend/spouse/life partner/etc. is also a tragedy. They have no competence of governing nor administration. The tragedy is all the greater, because her gross incompetence has brought misery to her people.

I am sure that there are other Chief Incompetents bringing down their First Nation. I would be bold enough to suggest that the lion’s share of ideas to resolve this generational problem is with the Assembly of First Nations. They need to get creative.

The same with the platitude-gushing Liberals – not a single concrete idea offered, just exploitation of an unfortunate woman who is way out of her league insofar as being the leader of a First Nation. The pity is that this train wreck is playing out in slow motion in public, just like Lindsay Lohan.

Major Sigh!

Wally Keeler


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