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Radio-controlled aircraft: Display at mall March 9, 10

CECILIA NASMITH Northumberland Today

COBOURG - Almost spring is almost time for the Pine Ridge Flyers Model Airplane Club's annual show at Northumberland Mall.

The display on March 9 (5 to 9 p.m.) and 10 (9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.) will feature all types of radio-controlled aircraft and helicopters, from basic trainers to gliders to high-performance aerobatic machines - as well as a flight simulator, Alistair Commins said.

You can also look for new scale models of fighter aircraft from both World War eras and some new aerobatic models. And, as always, club members will be on hand to discuss the aircraft and how to enter the sport of radio-control flying.

Like its full-size counterpart, a radio-controlled airplane has an engine, flight controls and the need for a run-way at take-off time. The only difference, Commins said, is that the pilot is earthbound and remote-controls the plane without the benefit of being aboard to see and feel the responses of the machine. Some people even think that flying a model aircraft is more challenging than flying the real thing.

Radio-controlled aircraft can come in almost-ready form (requiring about an hour's assembly) or as kits that let you incorporate your own choice of components, engine and radio equipment. There are trainer models, scale models of various civilian and military-type aircraft, gliders, helicopters and airplanes specifically designed for very precise aerobatics.

Then, once you have your aircraft, all you need is a safe site to fly it from and flight instruction - both available through the Pine Ridge Flyers and their Beagle Club Road airport.

"In this way, you can learn to fly on your own airplane, with the comfort of knowing that there is someone else communicating with the machine who can take control when necessary. You will have expert advice all the way," Commins said.

For more information, talk to any member at Northumberland Mall on show day.