Clink to read from works tonight


"Dark, strange, surreal and unusual," David Livingstone Clink says when describing Monster, his latest collection of poetry. In release for only three months, the book is published by Tightrope Books. Clink will give his first local reading to support the launch on Thursday, Feb. 17 as part of the 3rd Thursday Series hosted by the Cobourg Poetry Workshop.

Bridget Campion and Patrick Gray of the host group will read their poetry also.

"I am looking forward to coming back to Cobourg," Clink said; "a wonderful town that is very supportive of the arts."

He has read here twice previously, at a 3rd Thursday Reading in July 2007 and last April during the town's second annual weekend poetry festival.

Saying the book is bound to cause a stir, other people have compared Monster to the apple bitten by Eve or the box Pandora opened.

Reflecting on poems he never wrote, Clink says the act of not writing might be poetry in itself. He has not yet produced every grim thing that he could write.

"Poems that one would choose not to write would be ones where one is not ready to tackle the subject matter," he says. "There are some incidents in my life that I may someday put down to paper."

Patrick Gray sees the same theme differently. As an example, he recounts a time, "a poem I was going to write one way, insisted on coming out another way."

"I thought it was going to be a big poem, at least big for me, and that it would address, in a poetic mode, big questions of belief and unbelief, the existence of God, and so on," he continues. "What came out was a slim poem that addresses none of these."

"A way for me to connect to creativity," is the way Bridget Campion describes writing.

She says, "Poetry was a way for me to find my voice again in the midst of work and parenting."

Some analysts have the view that the written word might die out. Clink says, "There are a number of reading series out there, and many publishers are still publishing poetry, so things, I think, are either leveling out or on an upswing."

Thursday's readings start at 7:30 p.m. at Meet at 66 King East in Cobourg. Doors open at 7 p.m.