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CDCI East honours the Class of 2010

-Cobourg District Collegiate Institute East welcomes the Class of 2010 home on Friday evening, Oct. 8 for the school's commencement ceremonies.

Among the awards and honours bestowed on the graduates were:


The Bear-In-Mind Award (Presented to the top creative student in visual arts): Stephany Csanky

Visual Arts Award (Presented to the top student in Grade 12 visual arts): Lana Missen


Peggy Adamson Memorial Award (Presented to a graduating student who is pursuing studies in the business field at college or university): Amy Arthur


Cobourg-Port Hope District Real Estate Board Award (Presented to a student who excels in senior Canadian studies): Meyada Widaatalla, Carter Vance

History Department Award (Presented to the top senior university level student): Meyada Widaatalla, Carter Vance

Mrs Lloyd History Award (Presented to the top student in history at either the East or West Collegiate): Meyada Widaatalla, Carter Vance

Rotary Club Senior Geography Award (Presented to the top student in Grade 12 Canadian studies): Alexander Scanlon


Bank of Montreal English Award (Presented to the top Grade 12 college level program student): Rachel Irving

Northumberland News English Award (To a student achieving the highest average in Grade 12 university English): Adam Barrett

LANGUAGES IB French Immersion (Presented to the top student in Grade 12 IB French Immersion): Sam O'Neil Watts

IB French Core (Presented to the top student in Grade 12 IB Core French): Irene Harmsen

Core French (Presented to the top student in Grade 12 Core French): Taylor Norman


SABIC Innovative Plastics Award (Presented to the top student in Grade 12 mathematics): Irene Harmsen

Kiwanis Club Sr College Math Award (Presented to the student demonstrating highest proficiency in senior college math): Samantha Vander Schaff

Kiwanis Club Sr Academic Math Award (Presented to the student demonstrating highest proficiency in senior academic math): Irene Harmsen


Cobourg Concert Band Award (Presented to a senior student in the CDCI East Concert Band who demonstrates promise and proficiency in music): Kurtis Ford, Lana Missen

Guitar (Presented to the top student in guitar music): Peter Mizanski

Music Department Award (Presented to a graduating student who has contributed significantly to the music program): Ophelia Reymes

Vocal Award (Presented to the top student in Grade 12 vocal): Madison Chard


Coveright Surfaces Canada (Presented to the top student in senior biology): Natasha Russell, Alik Ioffe, Alexander Scanlon

Cobourg East University Chemistry Award (Presented to the top student in Grade 12 university chemistry): Alex Harmsen

Cobourg East University Physics Award (Presented to the student with the highest mark in Grade 12 university physics): Alex Harmsen

Dr. Lloyd Science Award (Top student in three sciences at either the East or West Collegiate): Alex Harmsen

The Gilchrist Award for Excellence (Presented to a graduating student who achieves excellence in science in general, or biological science, with a focus on the environment): Cecilia Barber


Desktop Publishing Award (Presented to the top Grade 12 student in communication technology): Adam Crosby

Kennedy Automotive & Industrial Supplies (Presented to the top student in automotive technology): Brad Winters

Leblanc Construction College Bursary (Presented to a STICS student pursuing a trades related career at the post-secondary level): Bryan Schut

Leblanc Construction Work Force Award (Presented to a STICS student entering the workforce in a trades related career): Paul Kawzenuk

Lions Club Award (Presented to the top student graduating from the technical program): Bradley Winters


Rona Cashway Building Centre Award (Presented to the top student in woodshop technology): Phil McLaren

Rotary Club Technical Award (Presented to the top student in manufacturing technology): Matthew Taylor


The Abigayle Kempton Memorial Award (Presented to a student whose concern for others and commitment to anti-bullying has made a significant difference in their school and community): Chloe Blais

Belden (Canada) Bursary (Presented to a qualifying student proceeding to post-secondary studies): Kaitlyn Blewett

Beta Sigma Phi Award (Presented to a student continuing in post-secondary studies who has demonstrated qualities of good citizenship in the school and the community): Chloe Blais

Beyond The Blue Box Award (Presented to two graduating students pursuing Environmental Studies or Developmental Services Worker or related field): Laura Greenwood, Jaclyn Brown

Chris Garrett Police Foundations Education Bursary (Presented to a graduating student pursuing studies in police foundations or emergency services who has been active in the school and the community): Brenna Scott

Christine Matthews Scholarship (Presented to the top graduate who attended Grafton Public School): Alyssa Brunt

Clay Elliott Scholarship (Presented to a graduating student( s) in recognition of their positive attitude and community involvement): Laura Greenwood

Cobourg Lakeshore Lions Club Award (Presented to a graduating student pursuing an apprenticeship or training in the trades): Bradley Winters

Community Living -West Northumberland (Presented to a student who has demonstrated commitment to the developmentally challenged and who is pursuing a career in a related field): Shantall Brown

Corporate Express Scholarship (Presented to a graduating student who excels in math and business): Chloe Blais

Dr. D.E. (Don) Mikel & Mrs. Y.G. (Dixie) Mikel Bursary (Presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding community involvement): Taylor Norman

Federation of University Women's Club Award (Presented to a female graduate continuing to attend university): Laura Greenwood

General Proficiency -Year 4 Quinlan Award (Presented to the top student in Grade 12. Named after a former teacher of modern languages): Meyada Widaatalla

Independent Order of Oddfellows and Rebekahs Award (Presented for academic achievement and leadership): Dena Gouweloos

Lakeshore Human Resources Professionals Association Award (Presented to a graduating student who is furthering his/her education in Human Resource Management, Training and Development or Occupational Health and Safety Program and has excelled academically in his/her high school career): Taylor Norman

Lawrence S. Hagen Memorial Award (Presented in recognition of outstanding writing and academic abilities of a graduating student who wishes to pursue post-secondary education in the humanities): Carter Vance, Adam Barrett

Lieutenant-Governor's Community Volunteer Award (Presented to a student in recognition of exemplary involvement in the community): Meyada Widaatalla

Lou Rinaldi Citizenship Award (Presented to a graduating student regarded as a congenial, reliable, mature person, respected by peers and faculty, exemplifying motivation and encouragement): Jaclyn Brown

Loran Award ( This is a national award presented to an outstanding student who demonstrates character, promise of leadership and a strong commitment to service in the community): Alex Harmsen

Major J.D. Burnet & Town of Cobourg Citizenship Award (Presented to a graduating student, based on academic proficiency and citizenship): Chloe Blais, Dena Gouweloos

Major Michelle Knight- Mendes Memorial Award (Presented to a graduating student who demonstrates academic excellence and involvement in school activities): Ophelia Reymes

Michael Herniak Award (A bursary offered in memory of former vice-principal Michael Herniak. Presented to a student planning a career in medicine or in life sciences): Dena Gouweloos

Northumberland County Bursary (Presented to a graduating student who is proceeding to post-secondary education): Devin Brown

Northumberland Players Drama Award (Presented to a graduating student who has made an outstanding contribution to drama in the school and community and who is proceeding to post-secondary education): Kirsten Tatlock

Northumberland Road Builders Association High School Bursary Award (Presented to a student pursuing post-secondary education in a field of study related to the construction, engineering or technology field): Landon Doucette

The OSSTF Education Award (Presented to a student pursuing a career in education or a related field): Sierra Naykalyk

OYAP -Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (Presented to a deserving co-op student in an apprenticeable trade who is a positive ambassador of the skilled trades): Amy Arthur

Principal's Award for Student Leadership (Presented to a student demonstrating leadership, athleticism and community involvement; selected by the Principal): Cecilia Barber

Quentin Pelka Memorial Award (Presented to a Grade 12 graduate with an honours academic standing, involved in athletics in both the school and community, who is pursuing post-secondary studies): Alyssa Brunt

RBC Aboriginal Award (Presented to assist Aboriginal students in the completion of their post-secondary education): Charlie Davis

Rotary Club of Cobourg - Character Award (Presented to a graduating student who has shown perseverance in overcoming personal adversity): Carter Vance

Rotary Club Scholarship (Presented for outstanding academic performance): Meyada Widaatalla

Rotary Club Co-op Award (Presented for the most successful co-op experience): Amy Arthur

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 133 Award (Presented to the top Grade 12 graduates): Meyada Widaatalla, Alex Harmsen, Alyssa Brunt, Carter Vance

The Victorian Operetta Society Award (To a graduating student who has completed at least one senior level arts credit, has been involved in theatre at the school or community level and is proceeding to post-secondary studies): Nikki Sage

W. Ross Pinkerton Memorial Scholarship (Presented to a deserving graduate who demonstrates academic achievement, community service and is pursuing post-secondary studies): Cecilia Barber, Adam Barrett, Taryn Dewar, Emily Kyle, Mallory Theriault, Teesha vander Schaaf

CERTIFICATES Honours (Presented to students who have maintained honours standing in every semester of their high school career): Adam Barrett, Chloe Blais, Alyssa Brunt, Stephany Csanky, Taryn Dewar, Landon Doucette, Dena Gouweloos, Laura Greenwood, Alexander Harmsen, Alec Ioffe, Stephanie James, Emily Kyle, Philip McLaren, Ophelia Reymes, Natasha Russell, Kayleb Taylor, Andrew Timlin, Carter Vance, Samantha Vander Schaaf, Teesha Vander Schaaf, Meyada Widaatalla, Justin Zahn.

Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top (In recognition by the Government of Ontario, of outstanding achievement in the final years of secondary school): Alyssa Brunt, Laura Greenwood, Emily Kyle, Taylor Norman, Bryan Schut, Carter Vance, Samantha Vander Schaaf, Meyada Widaatalla.

French Immersion (The following students have successfully completed the required French Immersion credits): Chloe Blais, Laura Greenwood, Alik Ioffe, Emily Kyle, Jordan Miezlaiskis, Taylor Norman, Alexander Scanlon, Emma Shehan, Justin Zahn.

SHSM Diplomas: Amy Arthur, Cally Post, Mariah Scott, Siobhan Shred, Landon Doucette, Nicholas Hunter, Marcus Ielo, Paul Kawzenuk, Neil Mouncey, Draike Provost, Bryan Schut, Kayleb Taylor, Andrew Timlin.

International Baccalaureate Certificates (The following students have completed IB Certificates in one or more subjects): Adam Godfrey, Morgan Coulson, Emma Shehan, Alexander Scanlon, Sierra Naykalyk, Kaitlyn Blewett, Chloe Blais, Jordan Birney.

IB diplomas (The following students have completed all the elements at the required IB level of achievement to earn the full IB diploma): Adam Barrett, Danica (Taryn) Dewar, Dena Gouweloos, Laura Greenwood -Bilingual Diploma, Alexander Harmsen, Altair (Alik) Ioffe -Bilingual Diploma, Emily Kyle -Bilingual Diploma, Natasha Russell, Carter Vance, Meyada Widaatalla, Justin Zahn -Bilingual Diploma.

Ontario Secondary School Certificate: Brittany Page

Certificate of Accomplishment: Cory Clarke

Ontario Scholars (Recognizing students earning an average of 80% or better in at least six Grade 12 courses): Adam Barrett, Matthew Bayes, Chloe Blais, Kaitlyn Blewett, Alyssa Brunt, Morgan Coulson, Stephanie Csanky, Charles Davis, Taryn Dewar, Dena Gouweloos, Laura Greenwood, Alexander Harmsen, Samantha Ingley, Alik Ioffe, Emily Kyle, Lana Missen, Peter Mizanski, Sierra Naykalyk, Taylor Norman, Blake Payne, Ophelia Reymes, Natasha Russell, Nicole Sage, Alexander Scanlon, Emma Shehan, Andrew Timlin, Carter Vance, Teesha Vander Schaaf, Meyada Widaatalla, Justin Zahn.

Ontario Secondary School Diplomas: Josh Adams, Michelle Alexander, Amy Arthur, Cecilia Barber, Adam Barrett, Matthew Bayes, Natalie Beno, Chloe Blais, Kaitlyn Blewett, David Boden, William Breakey, Katarina Broegelmann, Devin Brown, Jaclyn Brown, Alyssa Brunt, Ashley Bryden, Dylan Clapperton, Morgan Coulson, Dylan Coulthard, Stephanie Csanky, Jescey Currin, Charles Davis, Laura Dennie, Taryn Dewar, Landon Doucette, Layci Douglas, Bradley Duncan-Winters, Billy-Joe Ellis, Paddy Ellison, James Fairweather, Serena Fardella, James Felstead, Erin Foote, Brandon Gatien, Janet Gilbert, Mike Gill, Adam Godfrey, Dena Gouweloos, Laura Greenwood, Wesley Grills, Andrew (A. J) Groves, Alexander Harmsen, Dean Hope, Michelle Hoselton, Nicholas Hunter, Marcus Ielo, Samantha Ingley, Alik Ioffe, Stephanie James, Paul Kawzenuk, Kayley Kruger, Emily Kyle, Erin Leadbeater, Rachel Lewis, Brooke Lipa, Koty Loeffen (Allen), Jacob Lombardo, Sarah Lund, Tyler Mann, Kurtis Marsh- Ford, Caitlin Martorino, Matthew Maxwell, Kenny McGill, Philip McLaren, Jordan Miezlaiskis, Karsen Miller, Melanie Miller, Lana Missen, Peter Mizanski, Brandon Mouncey, Sierra Naykalyk, Travis Nelson, Taylor Norman, Blake Payne, Amanda Pendleton, Taylor Polley, Cally Post, Draike Provost, Joel Reid, Ophelia Reymes, Natasha Russell, Alexander Scanlon, Bryan Schut, Brenna Scott, Mariah Scott, Emma Shehan, Siobhan Shred, Jeremy Smith, Blake Taylor, Hayley Taylor, Kayleb Taylor, Mathew Taylor, Kolby Teich, Mallory Theriault, Matthew Tidd, Andrew Timlin, Ian Tucker, Rebecca Turland, Carter Vance, Samantha Vander Schaaf, Teesha Vander Schaaf, Amanda Vermeiren, Ashley Vincent, Evan Wegg, David Wesenberg, Meyada Widaatalla, Roger Wigmore, Justin Zahn, Korey Zimmer