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Tobacco, drugs found at Warkworth Pen

By Joyce Cassin, Northumberland Today

CAMPBELLFORD - On Tuesday, June 30 during a routine search of the perimeter fences at Warkworth Institution, a package was discovered. After a thorough search of the area five more packages were retrieved within the vicinity. Several of the packages contained tobacco and one package is believed to contain 21.6 grams of marijuana.

The intercepted contraband has a total estimated institutional value of between $12,000 and $15,000.

Preventing contraband from entering our institutions is an ongoing challenge, said Ann Anderson, ?Assistant Warden Management Services, ?Warkworth Institution, ?Correctional Service of Canada in a press release issued July 3.

CSC has a number of tools available that are consistently used in our efforts to control the flow of drugs into our institutions, she says. These include such things as searches of offenders, visitors, ion scanners, drug dogs and searches of the property, buildings and cells.